PMPRO company was established in 2011 in Thailand by experienced specialists who used to work many years in paper mill and in a key international paper machine manufacturer/services company. Our mission is to supply the paper mill for high quality services, upgrade and rebuild e.g. condition testing, reconditioning/repairing, maintenance services, trouble shooting, equipment renewal, upgrade of the paper machineries. As well as to supply spare parts, rolls and machineries related to paper industries. Our customers are key paper, board, tissue and pulp mills in Thailand and South East Asia's countries. We work closely with our partners and our principles to deliver the best solutions and services to our customers.

headbox service
Headbox service

Headbox plays major role in paper machine line. Improve headbox performance to improve paper quality and runnability..

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alignment service
Alignment service

For better paper profile, better production line runnability, lower vibration and longer life time of machine components..

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nip test and tuning
Nip test and tuning

To improve press/size press/machine calender nips, the nips need optimization by testing and tuning of the system..

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steambox service
Steambox/Dilution/Moisturizing unit service

What if the CD paper profile aid tool make the profile itself worse. Yes! Those systems need service or sometimes upgrade as well..

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grinding and coating service
Grinding/Coating/Metalizing service

On-site grinding and/or coating of Yankee, dryer cylinder, reel drum or winder drum to improve their surface and diameter profile..

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on-site cnc machining
Other on-site services

Other services tailored made according to customers' requirement for e.g. on-site CNC machining, dryer head sealant injection,..

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Top slice lip
Headbox top and bottom lips

Bad headbox lips condition cause bad CD profile. The spare high quality of top or bottom lips could be supplied..

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superfinishing machine
Superfinishing machine

More efficient and faster surface finishing process by Wintech SF machine. On-line SF machine is also available..

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blade angle meter
Blade angle meter

Easy with accuracy +/-0.1 degree doctor blade angle measuring device. 100 points/ 50 blades measurement memory..

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roll and roll cover
Rolls and covers products

Suction roll and suction shell from MWN. Expander roll, PU cover and composite cover from Yamauchi..

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actuator and valve
CD profiling components

CD profiling system and replacement or upgrade actuators and valves from Tasowheel..

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new headbox
Machinery and water treatment system

Stock preparation, headbox and fourdrinier and water treatment system from ST Macchine..

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ez eco wire cleaner
Optimization component

Fabric cleaner, tail threading system, tail cutter and water jet turn-up..

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