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Tasowheel CD Actuators and Valves

Tasowheel is the global leader in profiling actuator manufacturing and has made over 200.000 actuators and valves for paper machines. Tasowheel offers original spare parts, maintenance, repair services as well as CD control systems for paper industry around the world.

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Look for the actuator type code from the housing of the actuator or valve.

Widely used products:


Taso DLCP, Taso IDA, Taso RDA, Taso 88 VMAS, Taso EDGEVALVE IQ40

tw-dilution actuator



Japa 91/2T, Taso KVA 310- KVA318, Taso KVA 311, Taso KVA 320-KVA 328, Taso KVA 330- KVA 338, Japa 88 MAP, Japa 84MAP, Taso 88 MAS, Japa 89 KAR, Japa 89 KARS

 tw-slice lip actuator


Taso CW3000, Taso CW3500, Taso CWC3500, Taso 95CMAP

tw-coating actuator


Taso EMA-15, Taso EMA 15L, Taso EMA-1000, Taso EMA -1000E, Taso EMA-5000, Taso STC 900

tw-steam and moisturizing actuator