PMPRO is working with Ralex Industry who has many years of experience for on-site services like grinding, coating, spraying and metalizing.

dryer grinding
On-site grinding service

Clean with good profile dryer cylinder allows good and even heat transfer to web and improve paper profile. Reel drum good profile gives good Jumbo reel density and less vibration. On-site grinding of dryer cylinder, Yankee and reel drum to get good diameter profile and required surface Ra.

on-site dryer coating
On-site coating service

On-site coating with Tungsten carbide to dryer cylinder and winder drum and some cases after that a repellent coating with Teflon. We know to coat on-site rewinder drum with Tungsten Carbide without dismantling and polluting of environment. We can adapt the roughness of the coating in function of the quality of the paper.

on-site metalizing
On-site metalizing service

When the dryer cylinders' diameters difference is big in a group or when there is local area damage, the metalizing service is chosen to fill up the diameter or the needed area.

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