ST Macchine from Italy supply machinery and plants for paper industry and water treatment systems.

low density cleaner
Stock preparation

Complete Stock Preparation Systems • Pulping -high/medium/low density pulpers, pulper screen, pulper washer, trommel • Cleaning -high/low density cleaners • Deflakersand Refining -deflakers, refiners, conical refiners • Screening-Fractioning -medium consistency screen, vibrating screen • Washing -washer • Thickening -disc filter, screw thickeners • Approach flow screen -approach flow screen • Others -chest and tower, agitator, under broken pulper.

new headbox
Headbox and fourdrinier

• Headboxes and fourdrinier • Rectifier rolls • Dilution system.

microscreen filter
Water treatment system

Water treatment systems • Superflot • Sediflots • Quadraflot • Miniflot • Miniquadraflot • Pressure reactor vertical • Air dissolving tube • Disc filter • Microscreenfilter.

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